November 08, 2017

Bishop Area

Weather Report

REPORT AS OF 11/2/2017

The Crowley Lake boat season has come to its end, but the float tubing can still be good thru Nov. 15th when the lake will close to fishing until the opener next season. Some good fish to still be had for those accessing the lake on the backside. East Walker River continues to fish very well, with multiple big fish showing up regularly. Flows now down at their lowest since last winter. Bridgeport Reservoir still fishing well and we will be running boats here until the general trout season ends. We also have permits to guide on Grant and Silver Lake with our bay boats until the season closes. Upper Owens River has been good for numbers and some large rainbows and browns which have pushed their way into the river. Hot Creek fun with dry flies and small nymphs. Middle Owens blown out for now. Pleasant Valley Reservoir has been producing from a float tube with heavy lines and streamers.

Crowley Lake:

It was a great season to say the least on the lake this year. The lake fished differently this year with the high water, and depending on who was doing the reporting on the fishing conditions, the reports seemed to differ. We can say that knowing where the fish were holding this year and what they were feeding on made all the difference between having a successful day and a poor day of fishing. Having the "right stuff" (flies) was also and still is the key to getting bites. We experienced many days where high winds gave up the best bites of the day.

San Joaquin River

Flows cut in half since last report and now at 18 cfs. Still a ton of fun down here with a light weight rod and some dry flies. They may be closing the gate mid-month, so here's your last chance to get in for some fun clear water fishing. #18 BWO's and midge droppers are getting the job done.

Upper Owens

Flows currently at 79 cfs. There are more fish in the river now as both smaller and larger fish start their migration upstream. The fish are podded up in some locations and spread out in others. Egg patterns, SJ worms, assassins, PT's, and midges have been best. Water is very clear, so care must be taken when approaching the larger fish. Stay downstream of them to avoid alerting them to your presence.

The section upstream from the Benton Bridge is open year around with special regulations. Seasonal closures, and angling restrictions apply downstream from the bridge, check regulations before fishing in this section.

Middle Owens River/PVR/Wild Trout section (Bishop Area):

River flows now at 540 cfs. The river is a bit high currently for drift boat fishing. We will start trips here once flows come down again and stabilize.

This fishery remains open year around. Special regs from the footbridge at Pleasant Valley campground to the fishing monument 4.7 miles downstream.

Hot Creek:

Flows now at 17 cfs. Water conditions are very good for this time of year. No snow or ice present at this time. Smaller nymphs like Assassins and FB PT's still working with small indicators or dry flies (high vis BWO's) used as attractors/indicators. Solid BWO hatches will come off throughout the winter. CDFW planted thousands of juvenile trout recently. Hopefully these fish will survive the winter, and we will see a large increase in fish counts for next summer. There are some really beautiful fish holding in the deeper pools and runs; but don't expect a huge numbers day on the holdover fish.

This is a year around fishery with special regs in place.

The Gorge:

Flows have dropped here. Now at 36 cfs. Try nymphing the deeper sections and fish dry dropper setups along the edges and foam lines.

Season open year around.

East Walker River:

Another big drop in flows here at 61 cfs. We don't want to see it get much lower than this. Target the deepest sections of the river you can find and be sure to explore any pockets of water with your flies. They may be holding that fish of a lifetime.

This fishery is open year around below the Bridgeport Reservoir dam to Nevada State line. Open year around in Nevada also.

Bridgeport Reservoir:

Some good fishing here with trout of mixed sizes. Fish seem to be spread throughout the lake with some bigger models moving into the creek channels. We will be running trips here until November 15th.

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